A New Project is in the Making!

”The Team at Dragon Development Consultants are currently not accepting new clients, as we are creating a new company that will transform the smart device industry in Asia.”

ZiQür Technologies is a cutting-edge B2B and B2C smart devices company with plans to produce a variety of stunningly styled, unique and convenient business and home automation products with tightly-integrated systems and advanced security features that will differentiate ZiQür from the other smart devices companies to protect people, reduce crime, improve life and increase business productivity.

Business clients will be offered an assortment of smart devices, including security solutions, corporate connected power backups, industrial smart air purifiers and filters, retrofit energy control systems with integrated thermostats and smart bulbs, and future products that will enhance their companies through integrated and connected systems that provide automated reporting, notifications and customization.

Retail customers will be able to purchase retail kits in common configurations (condo / home kits) or a customized assortment of products of their choosing from our websites that will be pre-configured at the distribution center for installation through our iOS and Android apps with a single QR code scan. Currently with competitors’ kits, customers must install each included product one at a time.

Not only will ZiQür’s products be more competitively priced than the competition and permit customers in most countries to be serviced, supported and purchase subscription plans for video storage, but the products will also provide higher security with a sophisticated backup system.

ZiQür logo

If you are interested in our new business venture or want to know more about ZiQür Technologies and its products, click below: